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Email is critical for any modern business. The majority of your communication will done via email. Within seconds you can send those critical documents or contracts to your customers therefore securing that all important deal.

As a result you need a reliable, scaleable email solution. The answer, Hosted Email by Shiloh Computers.

What is Hosted Email?

A hosted email service runs emails servers on behalf of an organisation. If you own a domain and want an email service on that domain, you need an email hosting service.

Most web hosting companies provide you with email hosting as standard. However, this is usually just POP3 email. This is a very basic way to get your email and lacks in spam/virus protection and additional features. This cannot compete with a dedicated email hosting service that runs based on Microsoft Exchange Server. If you are using an email hosting service provided by your web host it is most likely POP3, you are therefore missing out on a vast array of features and benefits.

If your web host does not provide email services you need a provider that will. Shiloh Computers can analyse your business’s email needs and give you cost effective solutions. A well-managed email system can help revolutionise a business.

What are the Benefits?

Hosted email bu Shiloh Computers offers a premium service, and additional features to deliver the best possible email experience. These features include:

  • Robust spam/virus protection
  • Large attachments
  • Mailing, white and blacklists
  • Backups/archiving
  • Calendars
  • Use of aliases, forwarders and autoresponders
  • Mail rules
  • Access to email through webmail, smartphone and favourite email client (such as Outlook)

What would Hosted email do for your business?

Hosted email is an affordable service that eliminates the need for an in-house email server. It gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on the business while we manage your email service. If you are using a free email service, such as Google, Yahoo or Microsoft 365, you would not receive the high level of customer support that you do with Shiloh Computers, so if something does go wrong we can sort it quickly with expert assistance.

Having an email server that mirrors your domain delivers a much more professional image than a standard gmail or yahoo account. An email hosting service with Shiloh Computers will also increase the security of your email communications — a benefit for any business.

Hosted email is perfect for SMEs as it can cater to demanding users that require an email server that can handle high email traffic. Larger companies often manage their own servers in-house but this trend is also changing.

If you’re looking for someone to manage your businesses email with a range of corporate features, why not give us a call – 01746 240 000

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